Monday, April 29, 2013

almost done

the treehouse is almost done. miles ran out of rope to finish off the front railing but other than that it is done. we let the kids play up there today. they tied a rope to a bucket and were pulling drinks up to the deck. so funny. miles is thinking now he will have to add a pulley and rope with a bucket so they have an easier time doing that. it was so fun to see them all playing together. they are so excited to have a treehouse. it is really pretty cool. you don't realize how high up it is until you get up there. you can see in the picture that it is pretty much level with the roof. yikes.

Friday, April 26, 2013

mason sings

mason's first grade class all sung today at the school assembly. i didn't get to go because it was at the same time that dahlia starts school. miles went and took video and pictures for me though. it was so cute. they sang this land is your land, america the beautiful, and it's a small world. they even sang a verse of it's a small world in japanese. mason sang the songs for me when i picked him up from school because i had missed the performance. he did not sing the japanese verse for me though. he said it was too hard.

Friday, April 19, 2013

school fair

we went to zena's school fair today. this is the last time we will get to go because next year she will be at a new school. she is in sixth grade. that is so hard to believe.

the kids had tons of fun. usually they don't want to play many games but this year they did almost all the games. they had so many stamps on their game card that they got to pick prizes before we left. we stayed until the very end. it was fun. even connor loved it. this year only dahlia wanted cotton candy. what a surprise. mason had some popcorn and connor didn't want any snacks at all. they had the most fun going on the various inflatable obstacle courses. connor went right along with mason and dahlia. it is nice that they are at an age where they can all do things together.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

indoor picnic

dahlia has been obsessed with picnics lately. everyday she drags out the blanket and declares it is picnic time. today we switched things up and had a picnic on our kitchen floor.

she spread out the blanket and decorated the center with fake gold coins from our pirate bag. i filled little bowls with healthy snacks and the kids sat around eating and playing. who knew snack time on the floor could be so fun.