Thursday, February 27, 2014

the king

connor is so crazy adorable. he has been dressing up everyday as a new character. some days he is spiderman or indiana jones. today he was the king. he loves to wear his costumes to school when we pick up dahlia and mason. my friend michele said he reminded her of harold from harold's fairy tale. all he needs is a purple crayon.

Monday, February 17, 2014


the kids wanted to have a camping day yesterday so we pulled the mini tent out and set it up. jen, ray, christina, and all the kids came over for a sleepover. the kids played outside the whole day. they were having so much fun.

miles grilled some chicken for dinner. i set the table outside with my pretty new tablecloth. after dinner we roasted marshmallows in our chiminea. camping day wouldn't be complete without smores. kira decided that roasting the marshmallows took too long and she would like to just eat them straight from the bag.

poor miles had to work today. the kids didn't have school so jen and i had them help us wash the cars. we pulled the tent out again and they got to play some more. i love these three day weekends. i think we should have one every week.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

so grown up

dahlia has been begging me to let her get her ears pierced. i have been reluctant but not because i don't want to have her ears pierced. it is more about the fact that i had no idea how to go about this task. i didn't want to take her to a store in the mall where a teenage girl with no training shot an earring into her. what if they did it wrong? i also thought that having the pediatrician do it would be crazy expensive and i wasn't even sure if our pediatrician did that sort of thing. i ended up reading lots of reviews from yelp and finally decided on a place in the mall called the piercing pagoda. the people that do the piercings are trained and they also sell cute earrings.

we all went to the mall as a family today to watch her get her ears pierced. she was super brave. i couldn't believe it. she didn't even cry. they did both ears at the same time with a piercing gun. they gave her a stuffed dog to hold while they did it. she was great. she said it didn't even hurt as much as a shot from the nurse. wow. i totally cried when i got my ears pierced.

after getting her ears pierced the kids all celebrated by taking a train ride around the mall. it was so funny and cute. there was this little train that was not on a track driving around. miles and i could see them cruising past all the department stores. it was a pretty long ride. i was impressed and they loved it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

dance darling

dahlia all decked out for ballet class

Sunday, February 9, 2014


we went to the discovery science center today. we met my friend carla and her two kids there. it was fun to hang out with them. we don't get to see them too often. she works a lot and they live pretty far away.

the museum has a funny exhibit going on right now. it is called animal grossology. it is filled with all these gross facts about vomit, digestion, and poop. yuck. the kids thought it was hilarious and of course educational.

it was pretty funny because carla's kids are so mellow and well behaved. she was actually reading all the information about the different stations in the museum to them. my kids were just running around like crazy people playing with all the interactive stuff but not reading the descriptions.

after the museum we all went to dahlia's favorite soup plantation for dinner. it was such a nice finish to our day.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

kitty party

after miles and connor came home from preschool we went to a friend's birthday party. katja turned six and had a kitty themed party. everyone got a headband with little cat ears and they could have their face painted with whiskers and a pink nose. they all did a scavenger hunt with cleverly written clues that led to a basket filled with stuffed kittens. all the kids could pick out their favorite color and adopt it. they then went to a craft table where they made a custom collar with their kitten's name on it. the whole thing was just too cute. dahlia named her cat fluffy, connor named his kitten, and mason named his mr. cute.

the boys were pretty uninterested in most of this. they went upstairs and played legos with katja's brother. dahlia loved all of it though. especially the craft part. they all enjoyed playing with their new stuffed kittens when we got home. it was a fun day.

bring your daddy to school

connor got to bring his daddy to school today to show off all of his work. it was very sweet. he was especially proud of his spiderman picture. his teacher said he did such a great job on it that she hung it up for everyone to see.

they gave the dads a paper tie and did some crafts together. it was nice for miles to spend some time with connor. they don't get much alone time.

crafty girls

another girls night with kumquat martinis and bruschetta. we had our crafting party at my friend michelle's house. we all made dream catchers. we made them using sticks and torn fabric. they turned out so pretty. i gave mine to dahlia and hung it up in her room.

with valentines day just around the corner we spent the night talking about bad ex-boyfriends and listening to even worse 80's music. it was very funny and just the right amount of silly.