Friday, June 26, 2009

watching bodhi

we babysat bodhi today for jen and ray. their new summer schedule is different and they need a sitter for a few fridays. we had a fun day. i thought we would go swimming but it was a bit too cold. they were content to dig in the garden and play on the swings. mason dug a big hole and then made a bridge with a large stick for his trains to cross over. bodhi thought this was just the greatest idea ever. dahlia (with some help) can now swing on the big swings. they had such a great day playing together. now it is time to clean up.

Monday, June 22, 2009

joining the zoo

jen and i got annual passes to the los angeles zoo a couple of weeks ago. we thought it would be fun to take the kids and get some exercise. that zoo has so many hills. whew. i am always worn out when it is time to go home. i would love to say that the kids had so much fun today at the zoo, but it is not the case. they were such pills. ugh. mason complained the whole time. i think he was just too tired from all the running around the yard yesterday. we ended up leaving early. i was just annoyed. i kept saying "why are you crying? we are at the zoo! we are not shoe shopping at nordstrom. you should be happy." it was no use so we just went home. now that we are home he is fine. oh well. i am not discouraged. we will try again soon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

fathers day

we had the whole family over for fathers day today. it was sunny. a perfect day for grilling outside. thank goodness we didn't get together yesterday. it rained all day. i was so excited to have everyone over. it has been a while since we had the whole family over. miles did the grilling. the kids got wagon rides around the yard, and there was plenty of yummy food to eat. we all kind of hung out in the backyard and chatted. we were celebrating my fathers birthday as well as fathers day. miles was so excited to grill some steak. he almost never gets to eat steak because i am a vegetarian. i guess cooking steak for one is not worth the effort. after lunch/dinner we all went inside to sing happy birthday and have some cake. it was a great party. mason and dahlia were so sad when the day ended and everyone had to go home. me too.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

spin art

it is raining today so we are staying indoors. we decided to do some spin painting. i got this little machine at michaels that spins the paper and you just squirt paint on it. i remember doing this as a kid. i loved it. mason and dahlia thought this was the best project ever. it was surprisingly mess free. of course like all projects with kids the fun was over far too quickly and then we had the rest of the day to think of indoor activities. i think they hate to stay inside as much as i do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

family outing

miles and i decided to take the kids to disneyland today. his pass is only good for one more day so i convinced him to go. it just so happened that my mom and dad were going to disneyland today also. we didn't get to see them though. they left early and we arrived late. i don't think my dad was having much fun. my mom made him go because it was his birthday and he got in for free. it was super crowded. this is one of the last days you can use your southern california passes. they block them for the summer. we stayed until seven. that is late for us. it was so fun. i forgot how much i love to go to disneyland. it was so much easier with miles with me. the best part was that the kids both fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep. we finally got an evening to ourselves.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

dahlia's first movie

my sister christina and i took the kids to the movies today. a real walk in movie theater. not just movies in the park. it was dahlia's first time at a movie theater. i was fully prepared to walk out as soon as she started crying but to my great surprise we stayed for the whole movie. they were great. we loaded up on popcorn and candy so there were plenty of distractions when they got bored. we saw UP. it was so good. a little sad of course. how fun. i love going to the movies. i wonder what we will see next.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new camera

yay. i finally got my new camera. i got a canon powershot sd780. it is black and so small. i love it. i took the kids to the park to try it out. we had a fun day walking around the pond and looking at the ducks.

of course i was obligated to let them play on the playground for a while. playing on the playground is my least favorite activity with the kids. i know they love it so i go and let them play, but i really don't like it. i don't mind mason playing because he can play by himself but dahlia is really too small to play alone. i always have to go down the slide with her. i am constantly worried she will fall and i never seem to be able to keep track of mason. ugh. i find the whole event too stressful. i am always jealous of the parents sitting on the bench calmly watching their kids while i run around.