Friday, September 30, 2011

future games

lets play a game dahlia says to mason "chase around, chase around, chase around, but no touching." lets hope she remembers this game with the other boys when she is a teenager.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

mason is reading

mason has started to read. i am so excited. i have been waiting for this day to share with him. miles pulled out these bob books that i bought for mason and sat down with him. i was super shocked when he started reading one out loud to us. he read two of them. he was so happy he said he wants to read all of them now. there is a set of about 20 books. we started with the sight words set for kindergarten. i also have the other beginner reading sets 1 and 2.

this is such a big deal for me. i remember when i first started reading. i couldn't wait to learn to read. a whole new world opened up for me. it is just so amazing to see the same excitement in him. yay mason. welcome to the magic of reading. it is such an wonderful adventure.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

vroom vroom

today we went to a super fun party. mason's friend andrew was turning six and we were excited to help him celebrate. his parents had a car's theme party for him. they turned the backyard into a mini radiator springs just like the movie. it was so cute. they had set up a fun obstacle course for the kids to race through. all the kids were given a t-shirt with their name printed on a car and a license plate to wear on their back. they had to crawl through tubes and run through tires. it was very fun.

the food was all labeled with cute cars related names such as hot rods (hot dogs), dip sticks (bread sticks), and drinks such as lemon oil, apple oil, and radiator water. everything was part of the theme. dahlia and connor had so much fun riding the little cars outside and mason was pretty much glued to andrew's side the whole time. such a fun day for all the kids.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

staring at the fish

i love this photo of connor from today's trip to the aquarium. he was so completely enthralled with watching the fish swim. it was really sweet to witness. i love how captivated kids are with their surroundings. it makes me stop to look a little longer too.

Monday, September 5, 2011

let's go fly a kite

it was labor day today and we celebrated by going to the beach with jen and ray. it was the perfect beach day. not too hot. we brought our kites. we had all four of them up at once. so fun. the beach is always a great place to fly a kite. lots of room and wind.

most of our time at the beach was spent by the water where mason, bodhi, and dahlia loved running from the waves. connor didn't like the waves too much. i think they scared him. he was having much more fun playing in the sand.

when we were tired of the sun and sand but still had enough energy to walk home we headed back to jen and rays for tacos and wine. yum.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

the carousel

yesterday we had one of my best disney trips ever. i picked up mason from school and met jen, ray, bodhi, and kira there. it was not very busy and we ended up getting on nine rides. yes! nine rides. that is really a lot for us. i have been to disney and only gone on three rides so nine is pretty much amazing. the kids loved the bumper cars at disney adventure and i even got mason to go on the carousel in fantasy land. he usually says he doesn't like it. i think ray convinced him to go. he was also super excited to go on the pirates of the caribbean ride. a ride that bodhi and dahlia think is too scary.

i was bad and spoiled the kids. i bought mason an indiana jones gun from adventure land and dahlia a princess hat from fantasy land. poor connor didn't get anything because he is too young to make requests for things. i figure i will abstain from buying him things while i can get away with it. we stayed super late. i loved to get to stay late. yesterday was friday so i figured it was the day to do it.