Monday, March 26, 2012


we went to another kid party this weekend. party party party. that's us. this one was for a friend's little girl lily who turned two. so cute. they were going to have swimming and a bounce house but it ended up pouring rain so the swimming and bounce house were cancelled. instead they had a little bunny petting zoo brought in with about six little bunnies that the kids could sit with and pet. my kids were so in love with the bunnies. dahlia was the first one to jump in the pen with them but mason was the one who never wanted to get out. it was adorable to see them play with the bunnies. we have wild bunnies that are always running around our backyard but they won't let you near them. it was a real treat for them to get to pet a bunny and feed it some carrots.

we didn't stay too long. the party was in their garage and the rain really started coming down so we were freezing. we had a super long drive home and of course the kids all fell asleep. i got completely soaked carrying them to the house from the car. it felt really good to change into dry clothes and just hang out at home for the rest of the day sipping hot tea and reading my book. yay for sundays.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

zoo visit

we went to the zoo today. so fun. i love going on outings during the week. jen and ray met us there with their kids. it is their anniversary today. eight years. they were so nice to let me crash their celebration.

we had a great time at the zoo. the zoo is hit or miss for me. sometimes i really don't enjoy myself but today was definitely a hit. they opened up a new exhibit they call the lair (living amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles) that is really cool. i was impressed. it has a beautiful design. it looks very lush and tropical and green inside. such a lovely place to put all those poisonous snakes. my favorite part was the cool turtle pond with glass sides so you can watch the turtles swim under water. i think the kids favorite part was the large snake sculpture outside that they could climb and hide in. mason was on a quest to see a scorpion which we eventually found for him later in the caves. connor had a blast. he was super excited to see all the different animals and would scream and point excitedly at them.

later in the evening i watched bodhi and kira so jen and ray could sneek out for an anniversary dinner. the kids were super good and loved playing together outside while i cooked dinner with kira. happy anniversary jen and ray. eight years of love. so nice.

Monday, March 19, 2012

angry birds party

happy birthday bodhi! bodhi turned four this week so jen and ray threw a party to celebrate. they had the party at our house. it was our usual kid party. we were expecting it to rain so jen didn't bother renting a bounce house for the kids. that was fine. it didn't really rain but it was a bit cold out so most people just hung out inside.

bodhi wanted an angry birds theme for his party. angry birds is this silly computer game where you use a slingshot to launch birds at some pigs. i guess the birds are angry that the pigs have stolen their eggs. whatever. it is this crazy fad that all the kids are into right now. so in keeping with the theme of the party jen served fried chicken, deviled eggs, and pigs in a blanket. it was quite an ordeal for ray to fry enough chicken to serve thirty people. my kitchen still smells like fried chicken. everyone said it was delicious though.

they had an egg hunt in the backyard where each kid could find four different colored eggs filled with little toys such as a slinky or eraser. they also had lots of cardboard bricks that the kids could stack and perch a pig on top. then they could throw a angry bird at it and knock it down. this was great fun for mason and bodhi. i think everyone had a great time. christina helped me make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for dessert. yum. really though. throwing a party is such hard work. i don't know if i will be fully recovered in time for kira'a party in three weeks!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

dahlia and bodhi

pillows, blankies, and books. that's all we need.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

chugga chugga choo choo

we went to our friend maya's third birthday party this morning. they had the party at travel town. we love travel town. it is this cool park near our house that has all these realy old trains that the kids can look at and some they can climb. i don't know why i don't take them there more often. probably because we are always so busy doing other things. every weekend seems booked lately.

miles was of course working so it was just me with the three kids. i was a little worried that i would have a hard time keeping track of them but they were really good and pretty much stayed near me. they had a blast just running around on the grass and climbing rocks. i forget how easily kids are entertained when they are outside.

our favorite part other than the chocolate cupcakes was of course riding the little train. this was definitely the highlight of the party. the cute little train takes you around the park twice. so fun. it was really nice to see my old friends from work and great for the kids to get to play. they were all so tired after the party that connor fell fast asleep before i drove out of the parking lot.

Monday, March 5, 2012

touch a shark

it was such a nice day out today that we decided to take the kids to the aquarium. jen, bodhi, and kira met us there. our annual passes are going to expire next month and i will be so sad to not get to go there all the time. i think i might renew them. today's visit was just perfect. there were hardly any people there.

the kids loved playing at the shark lagoon today. they have bamboo, and epaulette sharks that you can reach in and touch with two fingers. there are also large rays in there. the kids were super excited to try and touch them. it was fun to watch. we let them play outside at the squid playground and then spent the rest of our time inside looking at fish. mason really wanted to see a squid. he even made a squid out of legos to bring with him. they didn't have any squid so he had to be content with looking at the giant pacific octopus which was just as cool.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

a camping we will go

miles will be working saturday and sundays for a while to finish his movie so it was just me and the kids this weekend. i decided to set up the small tent in the backyard so they could play camping. they loved this idea. they had so much fun helping me put up the tent. when we had everything ready they ran inside to grab necessities for their camping adventure. dahlia came running out of the house with three pairs of shoes. sandals, rain boots, and a cute pair of mary janes. clearly this is a girl who knows what necessities are . mason grabbed lots of paper, crayons and a stapler so he could make a journal, and connor carried with him a car, binoculars, and three toy dinosaurs. being mom i had to ask "what about some blankets and pillows?" "oh yeah" they cried and ran inside to grab blankets and pillows from their bed.

of course nobody slept outside. as soon as it got dark i dragged the tent inside so they could play in the living room. somehow they all ended up in my bed when it was actually time to go to sleep though. we still had a fun camping day even if we forgot to make smores.