Tuesday, March 29, 2011

daddy's shoes

whoa! you got some big shoes!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

dress up time

dahlia loves to play dress up when we visit christina and zena. aunt christina's closet is filled with high heels that she tries to walk around in. today zena put makeup on dahlia for the first time. of course she loved it. zena and dahlia dressed up and gave us a little concert. so cute. these girls.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lunch in the sun

it was such a nice day today that i decided to move the little table outside and serve lunch on the grass. oh this was a great idea. the kids loved it and the clean up was so much easier. no sweeping up the crumbs! i am thinking about buying a little kid sized picnic table for the summer. we eat outside on our big table but it would be nice to have something that was their size. i am so excited about summer. no more homework. hurray! it will be so nice to just play.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

curious george party for bodhi

bodhi had his third birthday party this weekend. jen and ray had the party at our house and i think it turned out so nice. the party was very chill compared to his birthday party last year. jen is super pregnant so she did not get as crazy with all the decorations and stuff. whew! no giant cardboard train to make this year. there were a lot of labels and stickers to make for cups, favor bags, and straw tags but nothing compared to last year.

the theme was curious george. such a cute idea for a party. i liked how all the decorations seemed a little retro. there were bunches of balloons tied to bananas for the centerpieces and they served hot dogs cooked on my dad's hot dog machine. so cool looking. there was also iced tea, lemonade and lots of side dishes like macaroni salad and fruit. the kids had little boxes of raisins and button candy to snack on. for dessert in addition to some delicious mini cupcakes that were purchased they had an ice cream sundae bar. so fun. there were tons of sweets to mix in such as gummy bears and rainbow sprinkles. sugar sugar sugar. the kids were very happy.

the weather was nice so everyone got to chat outside while the kids were drawing on a wall covered with butcher paper and playing on the swing set. it was so sweet. they also made little necklaces from froot loops. so fun. the party was pretty small so i got to chat with everyone. i loved that. later bodhi opened his gifts and he got a ton of toys. all the kids had fun playing with his new loot. what a great party. happy birthday bodhi.

pirate ship

mason's drawing of a pirate ship that he did on the paper wall at bodhi's party.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bodhi is three!

bodhi turned three today and we got to go to disneyland to celebrate. it was fun. i met jen, ray, and bodhi there with my three kids after picking mason up from school. i miss the days before school when we could just go anytime we wanted to. it was super crowded. i was so surprised. i didn't think there would be so many people there on a wednesday in march. oh well. we had a great time. we ended up staying pretty late for a school night.

mason was so happy to have ray with us. ray took him on the pirates ride. jen and i don't usually take the kids on that ride because bodhi and dahlia think it is scary. we went on winnie the pooh instead. of course all the kids loved climbing the tree house. here is mason pretending to be his hero indiana jones. it was a great day. happy birthday bodhi!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

playing in the park

we had a fun weekend. i took the kids to orange county for a kid's birthday party in the park. we really didn't hang out with the birthday crowd very much. the kids were having too much fun rolling down the grass hills and looking at the ducks in the pond. they did manage to make their way back to the party when cake was served though.

after the party christina went with us to target to buy diapers and other supplies. i think we were there for almost two hours. it was insane. at one point we were just sitting in the patio furniture section relaxing. we were bad and skipped church after the party. i was just exhausted. we went to christina's house for dinner and a sleepover instead. ahh. it was so nice to finally relax.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

shower invitation

jen is having a baby girl so the sisters and my mom are throwing a little baby shower for her. christina is going to have it at her place and i think that is a great idea. less work for me. the invitations went out today. i think they are pretty cute.