Tuesday, February 21, 2012


we had a really great weekend. we took the kids to the snow for a weekend getaway. my sister's boss owns a cabin in crestline and let us stay there for the holiday weekend. christina, zena, jen, ray, bodhi, kira, susan, and doug all went with us. what a wonderful trip. miles and i didn't think there was going to be any snow because the weather has been so warm lately. we were even thinking of canceling the trip and not going. luckily we decided to go anyway. what a surprise we had in the morning to see snow outside the house.

there was just enough snow for the kids to sled down in the backyard but not enough for a snowman so we decided to make the short drive to arrowhead and find more. we ended up at a lake arrowhead state park. we found this great place that was not very crowded and had lots of snow for sledding and making a snowman. we stayed until the kids were tired and cold and it was starting to get a little dark. then we headed back to the cabin for hot cocoa and warm baths.

we returned to the same little spot the next day. we wanted to get a little more sledding done before heading down the mountain. our short trip only lasted two nights but it was so great to get away. i know the kids had a blast and i am hoping we can return in the summer to enjoy the beautiful lake. thank you christina for arranging such a fun trip!

Friday, February 17, 2012

painting outside

such a nice day to play outside and paint.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

celebrating love

happy valentines day. yay for love. dahlia wanted to make heart shaped cookies (and some hello kitty ones) for everyone. she was a great helper making the dough with me and rolling it out. we had lots of fun. she even helped me package some up to give away.

this year for all the kids we put together goody bags filled with treats and drawing supplies. i gave some goody bags to mason's classmates and still had enough for the kids in our family.

miles and ray both had to work late today so jen was my date for dinner. she came over with bodhi, and kira after our gym class and celebrated with us. we had fish tacos with mango salsa. for dessert she brought heart shaped brownies that were served with vanilla ice cream. it was a very sweet day indeed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

going for a ride

we took the kids to a park near our house this weekend. it was so nice. a small enclosed park where dahlia and mason could ride their bikes. there are no sidewalks next to our house so we have to drive somewhere for them to ride. it is kind of a drag. they loved going to the park. i loved that miles was with me. it was so much easier to keep track of the three of them with someone helping me.

they had so much fun. dahlia loves her bike. she rode it for quite a while before she decided to play on the swings. mason only rode his bike once or twice around the park before he decided to run off. hmmm. figures. i still am happy that we bought him a bike though. i can't wait to take family bike rides all together.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

new bicycle

miles went by sport chalet last night after work and picked up mason's new bicycle. he surprised him this morning with it. yay. it is so cool. mason jumped right on to test it out. it rained all day today though so mason couldn't take the bike outside yet. he had to be content with riding it around the living room. hopefully tomorrow we will get some sun and he can really ride it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


we took the kids to sport chalet to look for a bike for mason. they didn't have the one he wanted in stock so we ordered it and will pick it up later in the week.

while the guy was helping us pick out a bike connor took it upon himself to do a little shopping. he tried on the helmets, rode a cool tricycle around and tested out the punching bags. we had a super fun and short shopping trip with just enough time to get home before the superbowl started. yay for sundays!