Monday, February 23, 2009

growth spurt

oh my gosh. these kids are growing too fast. i took the time to measure and weigh them this morning. mason is 38 inches tall and 29 pounds. dahlia is now 30 inches tall and 22 pounds. she has grown over an inch in three months.

mason has been talking up a storm. he is a funny kid. he asked me for some juice before bed, and i got him some warm milk instead. he took one sip and handed it back to me saying "try again." another day after brushing his teeth he looked up and told me "i have tartar." when miles was trying to hold him in his lap to get him to relax he yelled "stop, my hands are very delicate." he is funny and utterly charming with his adorable smile. the other day he counted to seventeen in english and then to five in spanish. counting to five in spanish really shocked us because we don't know where he learned that one. it must be from dora or diego on tv.

dahlia is becoming a handful. she is at the age where she has learned to climb up on the bathroom stool and turn on the water. agh. she is always finding her way in there playing in the sink. she also is extremely attached to me. as in always by my side. this gets to be just too much because she cries if i walk into the other room to put things away. she likes to be held and who has the time to hold a toddler all day? thank goodness she is starting to play with mason more. her vocabulary is growing as well. she has said moon, no, juice, and loves to say hi and bye. so cute. her eyes are still blue and i hope they stay that way. she looks just like an angel.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

back to the zoo

we took an impromptu visit to the zoo today. i loved it. i really want to get a membership so i can take the kids all the time. it is such good exercise to walk around. when the weather warms up i think i might do it. we live so close. jen, ray and bodhi went with us. we even got miles to go. how fun. the zoo itself is just ok, but i was surprised at how many animals mason recognized. everyday he surprises me with his growing vocabulary.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

day at the park

miles and i took the kids to the park for a birthday party today. it was so cold. they loved it though. it was great to watch mason play with all the other kids. he is not shy at all. thank goodness. dahlia is still a little young to interact much with the others. she mostly hung out with me. she did make me take her down the big slide a couple of times, and crawl through the tunnel on the play set. i am always a little self conscious playing on the kid toys. i always think i am going to get in trouble. i can just imagine how embarrassed i would be if some other mom told me i was too big to go down the slide.

on a side note. mason pointed to a stop sign while walking to the park and said "an octagon." miles was so impressed. we have no idea how he is learning these things.

homemade valentines

the kids and i made homemade valentines for each other. is there any other kind? mason was so cute. he is now at an age where he can actually help me. he thread the yarn and put all the stickers on the hearts.

mason asked me if we were going to have a party for valentines day and i said "yes, valentines day is the day where you celebrate the people you love." so i asked him "do you love mommy?" his response "no, love dahlia." aww. that melted my heart even more.

happy valentines day to you all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


miles and i watched bodhi for the day to help out jen and ray. i am so glad i had miles here to help me. wow. what a difference having another one makes. yikes. he was very good, but i really did need another pair of hands to watch dahlia while i put bodhi down for a nap. i don't know how people do it with twins.

we had a fun day just hanging around the house. i was not brave enough to go out shopping. i did debate putting them all in the car and going for a long ride to just give myself time to think. it was so cute to see mason and dahlia play with bodhi. they had so much fun.

jen and ray came over at five to pick up their precious cargo. they stayed and had dinner. they brought me my favorite grande soy latte from starbucks. oh yum. mason had a blast building a rocket ship out of legos with his "buncle ray." he got a little crazy when ray tried to mix the train legos with the other legos. "NOT that one. that one is for the trraaaainnnn." our kitchen floor looked like a toy box exploded.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

best friends

mason loves his cousin zena. he gets so excited to go visit her. yesterday i took all three kids to disneyland for the day. all by myself. i was a bit scared to go there outnumbered three to one. they were so good though. it was easy. i can't wait to take them again. it is so cute to watch them play together.

Monday, February 2, 2009

get dirty

we had such a fun day today. the kids and i decided we needed to wash the car. our car was super filthy. of course mason and dahlia thought this would be a perfect opportunity to make their dirt pile into a mud pile. they had so much fun playing in the mud. it was so funny to see dahlia just get right into it. i think at one point she was trying to eat the dirt. ugh. yucky.

of course all this playing in the dirt led to early baths. i really like this schedule. it was great to be outside all day.