Monday, May 27, 2013

hanging with the cousins

dahlia and bodhi hanging out after a dip in the pool.

Friday, May 24, 2013

the girl room

so, here is the finished room. we set up mason's toddler bed before we buy a twin sized bed for her. dahlia loves her new room. she has a place for her doll bed and changing table. she has a nice little corner where she is able to listen to music and play. it is very cute.

miles did a great job on painting the room. i think the pink and white trim is perfect. it is really sweet and girly. i am so excited for her to have her own room. eventually we plan on giving connor her dresser and buying a white dresser for the room with a white bed frame, but for the time being it is great.

the boys room

i have been meaning to write a post about our new boys and girls room but i never got around to taking pictures of it.

i wrote a while back about how we were changing things around our house and making a new boys room separate from dahlia's room. we got rid of our tv room and moved our tv into the living room that didn't get much use before. miles painted the room blue with a dark blue accent at the top and we bought a new bunk bed for it. miles was working six days a week during this process so it took a while for us to get the room painted.

we moved mason's dresser and the bookshelf with canvas bins that we have been using as connor's dresser in the room. we also moved the toy bins in here as well. there is still tons of space. our long term plan is to get a new dresser for connor and move the little white book shelf into dahlia's room to be used for toys. we also think we will buy a desk at some point so mason can do his homework in here.

we kind of did a space theme and purchased the solar system quilts from land of nod. i think they look great. there isn't much artwork up yet but we had a "j. otto" print that worked perfectly with our theme. we also hung the growth charts in the corner that they have had since they were born. miles was thinking he might paint stars in the dark blue portion of the wall but he hasn't quite decided how to do that.

they love their new room. mason has been sleeping on the top bunk since we got it all set up. connor and dahlia still sleep with us in our bed. we have tried to get them to sleep on the bottom bunk but it hasn't caught on just yet.

Monday, May 20, 2013

it's slime

mason and i went to a mad science party at his school a couple of nights ago and mason was inspired by the scientist guy that did a performance on stage featuring simple experiments.

so this morning miles pulled out our magic school bus chemistry set that mason got for christmas and we did some experiments of our own. mason picked experiment number 34. how to make slime, and then number 35, turn your slime into a bouncy ball.

the experiment basically uses borax, glue, and water to make the slime. you can add food coloring to color your slime. we made ours blue. then you add corn starch to turn it into a bouncy ball. the kids loved this experiment. it was super easy and they could do most of it themselves. they were so into it. they had to put on their goggles before we started. the ball we ended up with was pretty sticky. i looked online and saw some that looked way better than ours. ours was pretty flat by then end of the day. if we do this again i think i might try a different recipe. it was fun though.

Friday, May 17, 2013

zoo with connor

while mason and dahlia were in school this morning i took connor to the zoo. jen met me there with her two kids. we had a great time. the zoo is so easy with only one little kid to look after.

connor is so cute. he really wanted to ride the carousel. i would have taken him on it but jen said her kids don't like it and i didn't want them to have to wait for us. next time connor. it was so nice to have some fun time with just him.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

open house

today was open house at mason's school. i can't believe how fast this year has gone by. there is only two weeks and three days left of school. i am so not ready for summer. i haven't even made my summer bucket list.

visiting the class was lots of fun. i loved looking at all of mason's work. he was excited to show everything to us. connor was being crazy so we didn't stay long. mason did get to see his friend archer and say hi so that was nice. we didn't run into any of his other friends though.

i wish we would have done something fun afterwards like go to dinner or out for frozen yogurt but we just went home. we still had some homework to finish and it is always tough to get the kids to bed on time.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

mothers day

i had a really nice mothers day this year. we did something different. we left the family at home and just my mom and sisters got together. we went to the movies. we saw oz the great and powerful at the three dollar movie theater by my mom's house. i thought the movie was great. it has been a really long time since i have been in a movie theater and i was so excited to go. i didn't feel guilty at all leaving the kids behind with miles.

after the movie we had dinner at the yard house. yes, dinner and a movie! it is not a fancy place but the food is good and it has a nice atmosphere. they gave all the mom's a choice of a free dessert so we had a sample of each.

my kids are at an age now where they can make things for me. i love it. mason made me a sweet card with heart on it labeled with all his favorite things about me. they included playdates at the park, reading to him, and giving him healthy snacks. so sweet. dahlia made me a paper flower and gave me a plant that she decorated at the mommy and me day. connor gave me a big kiss and told me happy mothers day. i am so loved.

as for my mom, i found this pretty vintage apron and tea towel at sur la table. it was super cute. i also packaged little madeleine tea cakes with a custom tag for my mom and sisters. it was simple but sweet. happy mothers day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

mommy and me

dahlia had a mommy and me day at her preschool today. it was so cute. all the moms got to go to class for the last hour and spend time with their child.

there were various tables set up with crafts and projects. first we played with pink playdough cutting out shapes and decorating it with jewels. then there was another table set up with flowerpots for each child to decorate with markers and stickers. after you were done decorating you could take it outside to fill with a flower and some soil.

we enjoyed little chocolate chip cookies and pink lemonade for a snack. they had a painting station outside where dahlia painted a picture for me. we also looked at all her artwork around the room and played with some of the toys.

it was so sweet. i just love her school. it was such a fun day and i loved how proud she was to show me all the things she does there. i feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful school.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

huntington gardens

we went to the huntington library today. we had tickets for their free day. jen and ray met us there with bodhi and kira. miles and i took dahlia and connor. poor mason was at school so he missed it. i got tickets for next month so he will be able to go then. it was crazy hot today. it was good we went first thing in the morning. by afternoon it was almost 100 degrees out.

we just walked around all the gardens. we never get to see the galleries. the kids are happy to be outside. it was beautiful. we went to the children's garden first. the kids love to play in the water and run through the rainbow tunnel. it has been a really long time since we have been there. we also walked around the chinese garden. connor loves to look at the koi fish.

i was so happy to go on an outing during the week. jen and ray stayed for the kids gym class and then we all had dinner together. it was such a fun day.