Friday, February 29, 2008

baby shower

the shower went well. my sister jennifer loved all the decorations. i was so stressed out. there were about 18 girls that came over. some of the guests were early. why were they early? don't they know i am always running late. my other 2 sisters came over the night before with my mom and helped get everything ready. it is a lot of work to throw a shower. i am so happy that jen liked the shower. i thought everything was great. she got lots of cute gifts. i am so relieved that it is over.

now that we are done entertaining i really want to focus on cleaning the house. i want to clean out all the closets and get rid of stuff. spring must be coming. i have the itch to throw out everything. i hate clutter. it makes me crazy.

Friday, February 22, 2008

three months

dahlia is three months old today. it is raining out. she is sleeping in her swing. she is 11 pounds. wow. getting big. she is already growing out of some of her clothes. she is adorable. she has been cooing and can hold her head up pretty well. it will be cute to watch her grow and be able to play with mason.

my sister's shower is tomorrow. i decided not to go downtown to the flower mart this morning. it is too cold and raining. i will just have to buy some flowers at the market. i already grew wheat grass for the centerpieces, so i don't need many flowers. my husband is sick of me talking about the shower. i love to throw parties. too bad the weather is so bad. we had to change plans and move everything inside. i can't wait for her baby to get here. he is going to be so cute. mason will have a boy cousin to play with. i should get going. there is a ton of work to do today.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


mason and i made cookies yesterday. we went to the store and picked out cute cookie cutters. mason picked the whale and the frog. i chose the chick and the butterfly. we had fun. we were good. we only ate two.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

dahlia love

my little girl is getting so big. look at that little face. so precious. she smiles and coos. it is the most adorable sound in the world.

Friday, February 15, 2008

the zoo

we celebrated valentines day yesterday by going to the zoo. very appropriate. we had fun. it was a bit too cold out for my taste. too windy. i am a wimp. we were not there for too long. it is so close to our house that we decided it would be better to come back another day than to wear out the kids by seeing everything. mason really liked the spider exhibit. yuck. i loved the elephants eating carrots and miles liked the monkeys.

we came home for mushroom lasagna and chocolate cake. well i had chocolate cake, miles had a lemon bar. it was very fun. miles even surprised me with a little blue box from tiffany's. what a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

memory tree

the shower has taken over my house. there is baby stuff everywhere. i spent most of yesterday working on more decorations. i want to finish most of them so i can get working on the rest of the stuff.

i had this great idea to make a tree with little baby stuff hanging on it for the memory game. the tree would be inside by the drinks, and then when we are outside eating we could have people write down all the items they remember from the tree. all i have to do is make the tree. ugh. this turned out to be such a project. at one point i was at pottery barn kids ready to drop $60.00 for their easter tree. i couldn't do it though. i just can't spend $60.00 on something that i won't have any use for later. i hate lots of stuff. so i went home and made it myself for about $10.00 with supplies from the craft store and a dead tree from the yard. i think it looks cute. i just hope it doesn't fall over before the shower.

there is also a picture of my tree helper.

Monday, February 11, 2008


i had a fun weekend. on saturday jen and ray came over. i went with them to help them decide what to register for at the baby store. they are expecting their first son and they are completely freaked out. it is cute.

i went to my sister susan's house on sunday to work on baby shower crafts. this time i left mason with my husband and took dahlia with me. it was so much easier to paint without mason. we painted onesies for the shower. they are so cute. we did potato prints. it was fun. i did the alligator and rocket. christina did the other three. she did a great job. i love the bird.

Monday, February 4, 2008

shower invitations

i had this brilliant idea to hand paint all the baby shower invitations for my sister jen's shower. my other sister christina thought it would be so fun to do potato prints. so i loaded up the 2 kids and drove an hour to my 3rd sister susan's house. christina, susan and i got together to paint all the invitations. it was fun at first. i remember why i don't do art projects any more now that i have kids. it is impossible. mason and his cousin z were running up and down the stairs making us crazy. dahlia was crying needing to be fed every 5 minutes. i really wasn't having any fun. i think susan couldn't wait for us to leave. she doesn't have any kids yet. i think we have scared her off from them. the invitations do look adorable though. now i just need to mail them out.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

dress up

my son loves to dress up as his favorite disney character buzz. his cousin zena came over this weekend and they both had fun dressing up and running around the house. there was a little argument over who was going to wear the gloves, but everything else went well.

my sister christina and i didn't get nearly enough time to work on the invitations for my other sister's baby shower. we got tired and had some wine instead. i am going to go to her house during the week to finish them. we at least figured out the design.

Friday, February 1, 2008

new stroller

we bought a new stroller. it came in the mail today. we got a double jogger type made by phil and teds. it is really nice. i haven't used it yet. that will be the big test. it was a little on the expensive side so we debated back and forth about it. our other option is to buy a larger double stroller that has all the bells and whistles. the one we got is missing perks like big storage space and cup holders. this one is smaller. the smaller child sits behind and somewhat underneath the larger child. i like that the stroller is smaller overall. i feel intimidated by large strollers. i really want to be able to take both kids out. i will most likely be using it at disneyland and the mall. i hope it works out for us. we have a 30 day money back guarantee so i need to test it. yikes! i am scared to take both of them out. mister is so hard. he screams a lot. the terrible two's really are terrible. i will let you know how it works out.