Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the park

we went to visit my mom and sister again. our tuesday visit. jen and bodhi met us there at the mall. we tried to shop. bodhi and mason were not in the mood to shop. i did manage to get mason a pair of summer shoes, and return 2 of the shirts i bought for myself at a previous shopping trip.

we left after a couple of hours and met christina and zena. we all walked to the park from my mom's house. i loved walking around the park. it is so pretty. they have a small pond that is just beautiful. i wish there was a cute park near me. i would love to take the kids everyday for a walk. mostly because i need the exercise, but also because they love to be outside and i get bored sitting in our yard. dahlia and bodhi both fell asleep. it was so nice to talk to my sisters while zena and mason played on the swings.

it really feels like summer now. i can't wait for all the fun summer activities. now i get need to get my body in shape for a bikini. ugh.

i can fly

miles and mason were so funny yesterday. miles was throwing mason really high into the air. mason loved it. he kept saying more fly, more fly. he is such a daredevil.

Monday, April 28, 2008


mason was so cute this weekend. we went to a friends house for dinner on saturday. they have a 4 year old girl named emily that is adorable. she has this really cool battery powered car that 2 kids can sit in and drive. mason thought that was the coolest toy he has ever seen. they jumped in and emily drove them down the block. so funny. mason got to drive also. they have the perfect yard and house to have toys like that. big flat sidewalks and a long flat driveway. our house is in the hills so our driveway is really steep. there are no sidewalks on our street. he wouldn't have anywhere to drive such a car at our house. it was so cute to see mason play with someone close to his age. he has a friend.

we had a great time at their house. jen and ray brought bodhi. the kids were really pretty well behaved. i have been friends with emily's mom carla since we were fifteen. how crazy. i love that we are still friends. she is really smart and funny. i always feel so comfortable around her. i can't believe we don't get together more often. i wish she was home with emily and we could hang out during the week. all of my friends are working moms. i am the only one that stays home. i love staying home with mason and dahlia. it would be nice to have more mom's to meet up with for play dates.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

school fair

we went to zena's school fair yesterday. it was so cute. zena goes to the same elementary school that i went to as a child. i haven't been there in a very long time. it looks the same. they have a really nice playground now.

the fair was very cute. it was small. mason had so much fun. jen brought bodhi. we all walked to the fair from my mom's house. my brother jon also went. he was so nice and took mason to all the games while i watched dahlia. mason loved the ducky game. it was not much of a game. they had a small pool filled with plastic duckies. you would pick a ducky and the number on the bottom would win you a prize from a matching bucket. they also had a very small petting bin. mason was not shy at all about petting the animals. zena was very cute and took him around to all the animals. it was so hot that i couldn't wait to leave. dahlia was getting cranky. we had dinner at my mom's house and then it was time to go home. i wanted to go shopping with jen and christina, but my kids fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. so sad.

jen and ray are coming over today. i should get ready. it is noon and i am still in my pajamas.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

car wash

mason was so cute today. he helped his daddy wash the cars. i loved it. he was running around screaming with joy. mason loves to play in the water. he had so much fun spraying the cars and soaping them up. our cars were super filthy. i was embarassed to drive them. i am so happy that they are now clean.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

5 months

dahlia is 5 months old today. we celebrated by going to disneyland. jen and bodhi went with us. it was bodhi's first trip to disney. he slept through most of it. boy, it sure was difficult to take 3 little kids to disney. we were exhausted and left the park after only 4 hours. it was very crowded. i wished we would have been able to get on more than 2 rides. oh well, i know we will be going back soon.

we met up with my other sister christina and her daughter zena for dinner. we had a yummy pizza and salad dinner and then we shopped. yay. we went to visit my mom and dad after dinner. it took forever to get all the kids fed and in their jammies. we didn't get home until 11:00 pm. it is amazing how much harder it was with just one more little one. it makes me wonder if having 3 kids is such a good idea.

Monday, April 21, 2008

buncle ray

we had a fun weekend. ray and jen came over with bodhi and stayed the night. it was bodhi's first sleepover. mason loves his uncle ray. he was having so much fun playing with him. he was running around the house singing the uncle ray song. it sounds like buncle ray. so funny. it was so nice to have them over again. we missed them. they are such cute parents. they have fully embraced all the stereotypes of new parents. this includes talking about their kids poop at the dinner table. too funny.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


we have been fixing up the house this week. we got these great shelves with bins to organize the kid's toys. it looks great. miles put them together and i filled them up with all the toys. man. mason has so many toys. it makes me worried for the future when dahlia will have her own toys. i took before and after photos to show the improvement. it is funny, but at first i didn't really like it. it doesn't look as fun as it did before. it is a bit too organized for fun. i can't believe i just said that. i want mason to be able to play and be creative without being too structured. i don't want a big mess though. i think this should be good.

we also bought a new fan for our kitchen. it looks so nice. i am hoping this will save us money on our air conditioning bill. miles did a great job installing it. he is mr. fix it. it is so great. our kitchen is always super hot in the summer. miles loves the fan so much he just went out this morning and bought another one for our bedroom. hmmm. perhaps we are getting carried away.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

pizza time

yesterday my mom, sister, and i took the kids to the pizza place with all the games for children. it was fun. mason had a blast. he wanted to play everything. he was running around like a crazy child. it was really cute to watch mason and zena drive the big fake truck. so funny. it was all great until it was time to leave. he screamed so loud it was a scene.

he was really into the games with guns. what is it with little boys and guns? he only has squirt guns at home to play with. it is not like he has a whole collection of fire arms we let him use. i don't understand why it is so fun to play the "shoot them up" games. i guess i am just being a paranoid mom, thinking that if he plays with fake guns he will end up in a gang firing real ones. crazy, i know.

Monday, April 14, 2008

the happiest place

we had such a fun weekend. saturday i left mason with miles and went shopping with my sisters. it was so nice to shop with only one kid. dahlia was so good. i got to try on clothes! it was pure bliss. i bought five shirts for myself. i also got some bath products and a some clothes for the kids. i bought the cutest swimsuit for dahlia. i can't wait to put her in the little portable pool in our yard. jen left bodhi with ray so it was just the girls this time. so fun.

sunday christina and i took our kids to disneyland. it was dahlia's first trip there. it was so hot out. i think it got up to 95 degrees. good lord. we didn't get on too many rides. we went on monsters inc. and the caterpillar ride. we also watched the muppet 3d show to get in the air conditioning. mason screamed the whole time so my sister took him outside. dahlia didn't do much better so i threw a blanket over us and breastfed her during the show. i think they make the sound on the shows and rides way too loud. do they think we are all deaf? we let mason and zena run around in the water in bugs land. they got so soaked. it was funny. at four o'clock we decided to leave. we were all so tired and hot. thank goodness for annual passes. i never feel bad about leaving after 3 or 4 rides.

after disneyland we went to my mom and dad's house. jen and ray brought bodhi over. miles drove down to meet us and all my brothers and sisters came over. we grilled dinner. it was so fun. we had a feast. it was like a birthday party without the cake and presents. i really love that my family is so close. i love to hang out with my parents and siblings. it is so fun to have a big family.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


i go and visit my mom and dad every tueday. my sister christina and i hang out with the kids. she has a 6 year old daughter named zena. i started going to their house on tuesdays after mason was born. it was a way to get out of the house, and hang out with my sister. i really like the 45 minute drive there and back. it is so nice and relaxing. the kids usually fall asleep and i get to have 45 minutes of peace and quiet. i don't even play the radio lately. silence is so nice.

most tuesdays my mom will cook dinner. i get to be a kid again. three of my siblings still live at home with my parents. it is so fun to be in a house full of activity and chaos. it is exactly like when i was little. i just love it.

this tuesday my dad showed mason how to put a penny in his gumball machine. mason thought that was just the best thing ever. he spent the rest of the evening asking everyone for a penny. i don't think he really understands the concept of chewing gumballs. i think he must have swallowed some. i was trying to get him to spit them out, but i am sure i missed some.

Monday, April 7, 2008

granny visits

we had a fun weekend. granny came to visit on friday and stayed the night. she will be visiting more often now that miles' grandma charlotte is living with his aunt. she used to have to take care of grandma charlotte and didn't get to visit much. we had a fabulous dinner of salmon with lentils. i also made a lemon cake for dessert. yum.

on saturday we went to a birthday party for miles' cousins son. he was turning one year old. so cute. he has just learned to walk. mason had so much fun. they have a ton of toys. he was in heaven. it is funny though, he plays by himself for the most part. he doesn't interact much with the other kids. dahlia was a big hit. everybody thought she was adorable. we were so tired when we got home. we just chilled on the sofa. so nice.

sunday we went to visit jen and ray and bodhi. this turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. mason cried the whole time. he did fall asleep for an hour or two, but then started screaming again when we woke him up. we had to leave right after dinner. ugh. i was worried that he was getting sick again, but no. he was just exhausted. he fell asleep again on the way home. i am actually glad it is monday. the weekend was a bit exhausting.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

tub time

i got this really cool bathtub sling that holds the baby up in the tub. i wanted something i could put in the tub so i could bathe the kids together. it was taking too much time to bathe them individually. i love it. it works great. the kids had their first bath together today. yay. how cute.