Monday, October 8, 2007

2 years old

wow. my baby is 2 years old. so cute. he ended up being sick on his party day. it was so sad. my poor baby. he got the flu and threw up all over me. lucky me. we still had a nice party. he seemed fine for most of it. my mom and dad got him a cool red car. he loves it. it looks amazing. i was so bummed that he was sick. i was looking forward to his party. i am so glad it was just family. it would have sucked if we had a bunch of kids over and he was sick. it was nice to have the family over. my mom's birthday is the day after masons so we celebrated them together.

he has been talking a lot more. learning new words everyday. i wonder how he will handle having a baby in the house. i am 31 weeks pregnant. so close. happy birthday angel. i love you.

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