Sunday, November 11, 2007

saint christina

my sister is a saint. she took mason and her daughter zena to the aquarium today. she met up with a couple from work and their daughter. she is so wonderful. i didn't even have to ask her. she volunteered. i felt bad about not going with them but i couldn't resist some time alone. so what does a 36 week pregnant woman do with a whole day alone? she cleans out the pantry of course. i think i must be close to going into labor because i cleaned out the whole pantry and the freezer. i took everything out and scrubbed every shelf. i haven't done that since we moved in. i also cleaned the cradle. i am now ready for the baby.

christina said mason loved the aquarium. he kept pointing to all the fish saying fishies, fishies. i was sorry i missed it. she took these pictures. she is just the best sister ever.

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