Friday, December 26, 2008

home for christmas

this year was really special for miles and me because we hosted christmas for the first time. i loved it. i have always dreamed of spending christmas at home. i had these visions of waking up early and sneaking into the living room to see presents from santa. mason and dahlia are still too young to really get into the whole christmas thing. mason seemed really indifferent to the gifts. that is good. we try to not go overboard with the gift giving. mason and dahlia each get one gift from miles and me and then one gift from santa. of course my huge family buys them presents also so they end up with tons.

my parents and siblings along with miles mother joined us for the holiday. everyone came over at about eleven and we had brunch and opened gifts. this process took a really long time. i loved it though. i always want it to last longer. after presents we started cooking dinner. this was so much fun. i love to hang out in the kitchen drinking champagne while chatting and cooking. everything was so delicious. we served a really fancy dinner with turkey roulade and beef tenderloin along with asparagus and mashed potatoes. mmmm. the food was really yummy. miles did most of the cooking. thanks dear.

hosting christmas was a lot of work. if we host christmas again next year i think i will try to be more organized and get stuff done earlier. ha ha. i always say that.

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