Sunday, January 25, 2009

baby shower

i hosted a baby shower for my good friend kimberly this weekend. it was so fun. i am very excited for her baby to come. we have been talking about having babies and how we would bring our babies out to lunch and have playdates. i can't wait.

the shower was very sweet. there were about 20 girls there. we didn't play any silly shower games per kimberly's request. i don't know why she didn't want to play the "guess how big your pregnant waist is" game, or the "what smashed chocolate bar in the diaper is this" game. those are both such good ones. instead we had lunch and chatted. that was fun too.

it was so great to see all of our girl friends. she got lots of beautiful gifts. so many were homemade. such a creative group of friends. my gift was store bought, but i hope to get something made before the little one arrives. what a great reason to celebrate. i love babies.

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