Sunday, June 21, 2009

fathers day

we had the whole family over for fathers day today. it was sunny. a perfect day for grilling outside. thank goodness we didn't get together yesterday. it rained all day. i was so excited to have everyone over. it has been a while since we had the whole family over. miles did the grilling. the kids got wagon rides around the yard, and there was plenty of yummy food to eat. we all kind of hung out in the backyard and chatted. we were celebrating my fathers birthday as well as fathers day. miles was so excited to grill some steak. he almost never gets to eat steak because i am a vegetarian. i guess cooking steak for one is not worth the effort. after lunch/dinner we all went inside to sing happy birthday and have some cake. it was a great party. mason and dahlia were so sad when the day ended and everyone had to go home. me too.

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