Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

2010. wow. that is just crazy. where did 2009 go?

we had a fun new years eve party at my house with my family. we made a nice dinner and played games until midnight. the kids had so much fun. both dahlia and mason stayed up to say hello to 2010. those party animals. everyone stayed the night and watched the rose parade this morning. i made my traditional veggie chili so we could get some black eyed peas in our diet. they are supposed to bring prosperity. we could use some of that around here.

i have lots of goals for the new year. i really want this year to be different. i want it to be really really good. so here are my new year resolutions:

1. reduce the clutter from my house. - this is one that makes me crazy. i need a clean house or i just get depressed. looking around i realize we just have too much stuff. time to throw it out. too much little junk.

2. lose my baby weight. - man. here i am again having to lose weight after a baby. i think i am going to cut out most of the sugar from my diet. i have a serious cookie problem from the holidays. no more. the belly must go!

3. spend more time teaching the kids. - we do lots of playing and art projects, but i really want to focus on teaching them the alphabet, numbers, reading, etc. i have some good ideas on how to make this a fun process. i just need to do it.

4. listen to more music. - i do not play enough music for the kids. i find that putting on music makes too much noise with all the screaming the kids do so i just avoid it. they need music though, and so do i. it makes me happy. i miss it.

5. be more organized. - this one pretty much says it all. if i could get organized and not feel so scattered all the time i think everything else would fall into place. this should be number 1.

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