Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas photo shoot

we had our photo shoot for our christmas card saturday morning. by photo shoot i really mean miles with the camera and me art directing and trying to get the kids to be cute. for the last couple of years we decided to take our own christmas photos instead of going to a studio and torturing ourselves. this has worked out really well for us. so saturday morning was the only time we had available to take the christmas card photos.

the theme for this years card is gingerbread cookies. i got the kids these matching gingerbread cookie pajamas and had the idea to shoot them making gingerbread men. of course that meant miles and i were up super late the night before baking cookies for the photos. i knew there was no way we could get them to make the cookies and wait for them to bake without getting bored or filthy. we decided to just let them decorate the cookies instead. i think the photos turned out pretty cute. we had some lighting issues. it was a really dark and rainy day. here are some of the photos we didn't use for the card.

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