Tuesday, February 21, 2012


we had a really great weekend. we took the kids to the snow for a weekend getaway. my sister's boss owns a cabin in crestline and let us stay there for the holiday weekend. christina, zena, jen, ray, bodhi, kira, susan, and doug all went with us. what a wonderful trip. miles and i didn't think there was going to be any snow because the weather has been so warm lately. we were even thinking of canceling the trip and not going. luckily we decided to go anyway. what a surprise we had in the morning to see snow outside the house.

there was just enough snow for the kids to sled down in the backyard but not enough for a snowman so we decided to make the short drive to arrowhead and find more. we ended up at a lake arrowhead state park. we found this great place that was not very crowded and had lots of snow for sledding and making a snowman. we stayed until the kids were tired and cold and it was starting to get a little dark. then we headed back to the cabin for hot cocoa and warm baths.

we returned to the same little spot the next day. we wanted to get a little more sledding done before heading down the mountain. our short trip only lasted two nights but it was so great to get away. i know the kids had a blast and i am hoping we can return in the summer to enjoy the beautiful lake. thank you christina for arranging such a fun trip!

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