Saturday, January 26, 2013


miles and i had our house broken into last week. i am so depressed. they broke in through our bedroom window and stole my jewelery. ugh. i left the house at 4:00 pm last saturday to take the kids to church and miles got home at 8:00 pm so it must have happened during that time. he didn't even notice that it had happened when he got home. they had only searched through the master bedroom so the rest of the house was fine. our master bedroom however was a complete wreck. they had broken a picture frame when they came in through the window so there was glass all over the floor and bed. they broke our window frame and pried open the window. the broken screen was thrown on the bed. they dumped out all the contents of our dressers, nightstands, and closets. my bras, and panties were all over. man. it is such a huge violation to be robbed. i don't feel safe here at all anymore. miles and i have been just paranoid since it happened.

the police came saturday night and told us not to touch anything until they could come and take fingerprints. of course since it was a holiday weekend that would not be until tuesday morning. we couldn't even sleep in our room. we had set up our air mattress in the living room and all sleep in there. we slept out there for five nights. and by sleep i really mean sat out there wide awake with every light on in the house jumping at any noise. i am so exhausted. the csi woman came on tuesday and looked but didn't find any fingerprints. she did get a footprint but i don't think that will be very useful. i was finally able to clean up everything and we are now back to sleeping in our room.

i am so sad. they stole my wedding jewelry. they took the diamond earrings that were a wedding gift from miles. they took the white gold bracelet from my mom that was my "something old." they stole all of my jewelry except for my wedding band and engagement ring. luckily they were not with all the other stuff and they didn't find them. they did take every piece of jewelry that miles bought me over the years and gifts from my sisters and mom. this really sucks. the worst part is that our homeowners policy only will cover $2,000.00 worth of stolen jewelry so we will not even be compensated for our loss. the wedding earrings alone cost more than that. everyone keeps saying it could have been so much worse and they are right. i just can't help feeling sad for the loss of all my precious possessions that held so many memories for me.

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