Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas eve

today was a whirlwind of activity. i love christmas. i took the kids to church in the afternoon in orange county. this has been our new tradition and i love it. most of my family meets us there and it is sweet to have us together. the service was very nice but not as spectacular as it has been in the past. a little understated this year. the kids got a little bored.

miles stayed home to finish all our christmas baking for his family gifts. i picked him up after church and we went to a party at his cousin's house. this party is always mellow and their house is so beautifully decorated. they served a traditional turkey dinner and then they all sang the twelve days of christmas. it was very funny and i was so happy i did not get assigned a solo.

now we are home and i have so much to do before tomorrow. i don't know why i always wait until the last possible moment to finish things. the kids are so excited that they could barely fall asleep. they really do make the holidays more fun for me.

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