Sunday, March 16, 2014

the happiest place on earth

today was the best day ever. we got annual passes to disneyland. yay! it has been a really long time since we have had passes. they keep raising their prices and it was just too expensive. but this year jen and ray decided they were going to get disneyland passes instead of throwing a birthday party for bodhi and kira. we decided that we would do the same. we really did spend too much money on the passes but i don't care. i am going to take the kids all the time. i even convinced miles to join us and get a pass for himself. a real family outing.

we met jen, ray, christina and their kids at the storybook cafe for bodhi's birthday brunch. the brunch was fun but way over priced as expected. they had characters walking around making the kids laugh. after brunch we went into california adventure to see the new cars land. it was pretty cool. we rode some new rides including the little mermaid ride. that is a fun one.

we also went over to disneyland and rode a bunch of rides over there. we stayed all day and had plans to stay to see the fireworks. we almost made it. we were going to watch the fireworks from the roof of the parking garage where we were parked. we got the kids in their jammies and waited for the show to start when mason and connor got too cold and too tired. then dahlia started to cry, so after a couple of fireworks we took off for home. still it was the best day ever.

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