Sunday, April 6, 2014

under the sea

it's a party weekend. miles is having a lan party at the house with his friends so jen and ray came over yesterday and spent the night. jen and i stayed up late drinking cosmos and putting together a puzzle while the guys played video games all night. so fun.

this morning we needed to escape the video gaming madness so jen and i headed out with the kids. we went to our favorite place to stare at fish. christina and zena met us there so it was extra fun.

there were a lot of fun things happening at the aquarium today. the octopus was out of his hiding place and we finally got to really see him. it was crazy. he was moving around all over. they are so trippy the way they move. the kids were really into the touch tanks. we explored all the touch tanks. outside they had a painting stations set up where you could help paint this giant canvas that will later be displayed in the aquarium. dahlia and zena loved that.

i got a cool picture of the chambered nautilus. they are so strange looking. the deep sea creatures are some of my favorites.

after we left the aquarium we went back to my house and grilled some chicken for dinner. christina and zena went home but jen and ray are staying another night. yay! it's puzzle time.

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