Saturday, May 30, 2015

pirate park

connor and i went to his friends birthday party at brookside park. it is a park right behind the rose bowl aquatic center. we take swimming lessons at the aquatic center and i have seen kids swinging in the playground but i have never actually been to the park.

it was really cute. they have a playset that looks like a pirate ship. the kids loved it. connor was hard to keep track of. he kept running around everywhere. his best friend finnley from preschool was turning 5. all of his preschool friends were there. one of connors friends said she is going to marry connor and she has picked out her wedding dress. how adorable. what a lady killer this little boy is. another mom emailed me to say her daughter wants to marry connor, so i guess they will have to fight over him. in the meantime he is all mine and i adore him.

the party was short and sweet. it was nice that it started early. today was hot. i am feeling a bit sad today. i don't want preschool to end. i am going to miss all the moms.

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