Saturday, June 13, 2015

material girl

dahlia had her end of the year dance recital today. she did great. i always get nervous on recital days but luckily dahlia doesn't. she loves to be on stage. i was a backstage mom again and it was fun to hang out with her before her dance. her class did a tap dance to material girl by madonna. it was really cute and pretty complicated for a seven year old. very sassy.

after the recital my whole family came back to my house for dinner and dessert. we grilled chicken and served it with salads and corn on the cob. everything was delicious. we sang happy birthday to my dad. his birthday will be on monday so we had a cake for him.

whew! i am so happy to be done with all our school year obligations. this was the last event. now we can really start our summer.

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