Wednesday, January 2, 2008


i have been wanting to write down my resolutions from the new year. perhaps it will motivate me to see them in writing. 

1. lose 10 pounds of baby weight. - to be fair it is not really baby weight. only 5 pounds is baby weight. the other 5  i gained before i got pregnant. i am currently 130. i would love to get down to 115. but i will take 120.

2. start blog about kids. - this is a work in progress. i really want a place to record their development. only interesting to me i suppose. oh well.

3. read more books.

4. fill out kid's baby books. - i actually worked on this the other day. not bad. i just find it a bit dull to do.

5. get rid of most of my cooking magazines. ugh. i have a huge pile i need to trash. it is so hard because they are filled with great recipes. 

well that doesn't seem to hard. i should have this done in a month. i hope. 

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