Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas

merry christmas everybody. i love christmas. i was so excited last night. i could barely sleep. we woke up early and went to my mom and dad's house. i felt a bit bad about leaving miles' mom on christmas. she had to drive home and visit with grandma charlotte.

it was so fun at mom's. we had champagne with breakfast and opened presents. oh my gosh. there were so many presents. it was overwhelming. mason seemed content to just play with the stuff in his stocking. his cousin zena tore through her presents at lightning speed.

dahlia's first christmas and she slept through most of it. she was so cute. everybody loved her. it was so fun to get to show her off.

my sisters jen, christina and i went to visit our friend rebecca and her family. we go every year. their house is always so beautiful and perfect.

we were back at my mom's house for dinner and then miles, ray and i went to visit my friend carla and mark at her family's house. i love to visit everyone on christmas. it makes the day so festive.

i was disappointed to find my parents had already gone to bed when we got home. it was only 9:30. i can't believe christmas was already over and it was time to go home. i still had lots of energy. i wanted to hang out.

i think next year we might host christmas at our house. i think my mom is getting tired of hosting. we would have to give up our mini tradition of visiting everyone, but it would be nice to stay put and relax a little.

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