Sunday, March 23, 2008


happy easter. what a day. so busy. i love holidays. i get so excited the night before. i stayed up until 2 am getting everything ready. we woke up early this morning to get dressed for church. mason was so grouchy. he is not a morning person. he is just like his father. miles was getting so annoyed with him that he didn't want to give him his easter basket. when he finally stopped crying and saw his basket he was so excited. he loves his new transformer toy. in fact, the easter bunny did not need to put anything else in the basket. that was the only thing he looked at. church was a bit of a disaster. mason lasted about 10 minutes in the nursery before he was screaming. it is our own fault really. we never leave him. i wonder how he will handle school when he is older. dahlia was not much better. i was hoping she would sleep during the sermon, but no. she cried so much i had to walk out 4 times. the last time we just left. i gave up. i could not follow anything that was being said. we had brunch with my parents and siblings after church. brunch was just ok. nothing fancy. miles and i went with my sister christina and mom to visit jen, ray and bodhi for dinner. we brought over veggie lasagna and strawberry tiramisu. it was so good. we had a champagne toast to the newest member of the family. yay. what a fun day.

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