Thursday, September 18, 2008

happy birthday miles

yesterday was miles birthday. i thought it would be fun for us all to hang out and spend the day together, but he wanted some time alone to do his own thing. that was fine. i took the kids shopping all morning and he hung out in his office. he wanted all of us to go out to dinner at our favorite restaurant purans. i love this restaruant. most of the food is prepared with locally purchased organic ingredients. it is yummy. we have been going there for years. this was the first time we have been there with the two kids though. going to a restaurant with kids is a challenging experience. it was not very relaxing. i was exhausted by time we left. we decided that it was a bad plan. the restaurant is not very kid friendly. we will need to get a sitter next time. oh well. we tried. we went home for cake. yay. we are going to celebrate his birthday again with the whole family on sunday, but it was nice to have a little celebration at home.

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jennifer said...

oh my gosh Dahlia is so cute waving to the camera!