Tuesday, September 2, 2008

labor day weekend

i hope you all had a fun labor day weekend. we had a great time. what does one do on labor day weekend? we shop of course. i had such a fun time with my sisters this weekend. we did some much needed retail therapy sessions. i feel like a new woman. my favorite shopping day was saturday. we went to fashion island in newport beach. i loved it there. the kids were really good. i think they liked that it was an outdoor mall. there was a carousel that we rode, and a really cool koi pond with lots of fish for the kids to look at. what did i buy you ask? well i got lots of random stuff. an outdoor tablecloth, flip flops, lip liner, hand soaps, sanding sugars, and a new pyrex measuring cup (somehow i broke my old one). it all fit nicely in my new canvas shopping bag. yay for shopping.

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