Monday, November 10, 2008

birthday party for baby

we celebrated dahlia's first birthday this weekend. she really doesn't turn one until the 22nd, but we host thanksgiving and i just couldn't handle two big parties within one week. my house is still a mess from this one. i really should be cleaning instead of blogging, but oh well. the party was lots of fun. i think dahlia had a great time. i worked really hard to make some cute decorations for it so everything looked adorable. we lucked out and the weather was super nice. we had set up all the tables outside. there was a great turnout. there were about 50 people. she is so popular. it was so fun to see all our friends and family. of course i didn't get enough time to talk with everybody. that is just how it goes when you are the host. dahlia was a perfect star, laughing and charming all the guests. thanks to everybody who helped us celebrate.