Friday, November 28, 2008

happy thanksgiving

i love thanksgiving. we host every year for the family. it is usually about 17 people including kids. we had a super fun thanksgiving. i hope you all had a fun one too. i think things went very smoothly this year. i was a bit worried that i was out of practice having missed last year, but it worked out great.

i love how the table looked this year. i get really excited planning the menu and decorations every year. jen suggested using clementines for a centerpiece and they were so cute. now that thanksgiving is over we can eat the arrangement. i love that. i also made some flower arrangements using white and green roses. so pretty. i thought they might clash with the clementines, but they looked great. i am thinking i will do something similar for christmas. maybe using crab apples. miles did a great job refinishing a small table and chairs for the kids table. it was so cute. we served everything buffet style and that worked out so much better than family style like we have in the past. everyone got their food much faster and with less confusion as in "i didn't get the mashed potatoes, did they get passed this way?"

the turkey was done early as usual. every year i put it in 30 minutes later and it is still the first thing done. i will figure it out one of these days. i had so much fun. i am usually a freak with all the stress and commotion of cooking for so many people, but i think the champagne helped ease my tension. thank you to everyone for all their help and for enjoying this beautiful day with us. now, it's time to plan christmas.

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