Monday, February 23, 2009

growth spurt

oh my gosh. these kids are growing too fast. i took the time to measure and weigh them this morning. mason is 38 inches tall and 29 pounds. dahlia is now 30 inches tall and 22 pounds. she has grown over an inch in three months.

mason has been talking up a storm. he is a funny kid. he asked me for some juice before bed, and i got him some warm milk instead. he took one sip and handed it back to me saying "try again." another day after brushing his teeth he looked up and told me "i have tartar." when miles was trying to hold him in his lap to get him to relax he yelled "stop, my hands are very delicate." he is funny and utterly charming with his adorable smile. the other day he counted to seventeen in english and then to five in spanish. counting to five in spanish really shocked us because we don't know where he learned that one. it must be from dora or diego on tv.

dahlia is becoming a handful. she is at the age where she has learned to climb up on the bathroom stool and turn on the water. agh. she is always finding her way in there playing in the sink. she also is extremely attached to me. as in always by my side. this gets to be just too much because she cries if i walk into the other room to put things away. she likes to be held and who has the time to hold a toddler all day? thank goodness she is starting to play with mason more. her vocabulary is growing as well. she has said moon, no, juice, and loves to say hi and bye. so cute. her eyes are still blue and i hope they stay that way. she looks just like an angel.

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