Saturday, February 14, 2009

day at the park

miles and i took the kids to the park for a birthday party today. it was so cold. they loved it though. it was great to watch mason play with all the other kids. he is not shy at all. thank goodness. dahlia is still a little young to interact much with the others. she mostly hung out with me. she did make me take her down the big slide a couple of times, and crawl through the tunnel on the play set. i am always a little self conscious playing on the kid toys. i always think i am going to get in trouble. i can just imagine how embarrassed i would be if some other mom told me i was too big to go down the slide.

on a side note. mason pointed to a stop sign while walking to the park and said "an octagon." miles was so impressed. we have no idea how he is learning these things.

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