Monday, February 8, 2010

mini snow trip

we just got back from a really short but super fun trip to big bear. we had so much fun the last time we went to the snow we just had to go back. this time we rented a super cute cabin at the pine summit christian camp. they had really affordable rates for a very nice three bedroom cabin that would sleep up to fourteen people. i really wish we would have stayed for two nights but we are all really broke right now and one night was going to have to do. jen, ray, bodhi, christina, zena, miles, and i with all our kids were able to say in one cabin. so nice and cozy. (sorry to those there about our kids screaming during the night).

mason and dahlia had so much fun playing in the snow and sledding. it was really cold this time. much colder than the last time we were there. i was worried about taking baby connor out in the snow so we took turns staying in the cabin with him the first day. we did take him out to see the snow in the morning before we left because it was a much warmer day. we didn't want him to miss out. i loved hanging out in the cabin after dark. cooking dinner and playing apples to apples. family time is so much fun. it would be so cool to stay for a longer trip so we wouldn't feel so rushed to fit everything in. it was so beautiful. i just remember waking up and looking out the window with a silent gasp at how gorgeous the scenery was. i was so sad to leave. next year we are definitely going to plan a longer trip.

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