Friday, February 12, 2010

noah's ark

miles and i took the kids to meet jen and bodhi at the skirball center yesterday. we saw the noah's ark exhibit. it was so cool. mason and dahlia had a blast. i was so impressed. it is a permanent exhibit that has a large ark filled with tons of activities for the kids to interact with. they can create a rain storm by turning cranks and a thunderstorm by moving levers. there are tons of large animals all built from re-purposed materials. i loved that the kids were allowed to touch everything. i didn't have to worry about them breaking any rules. the design of the place is so well thought out. so nice. i would have loved to stay and see the rest of the cultural center but after two hours of running around the ark the kids were exhausted. we are making plans to go back and see the rest of the exhibits. what a great outing.

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