Saturday, August 7, 2010

time for the fair

it is that time of the year again. time for some chocolate covered bacon. jen and i took the kids to the fair yesterday. oh my. i don't remember it being such a tough job to go to the fair. christina and zena couldn't go with us because christina was working so we didn't have an extra adult to help with the kids.

we saw lots of animals this time. there were some baby pigs that were only two weeks old. they were just adorable. i also loved the tiny goats. the highlight of the day was the pig races. so funny. the kids also enjoyed the big slide that you slide down on a burlap sack. it was a long long day but i am really happy we went. it just wouldn't be summer without it. oh and we did not eat any chocolate covered bacon or anything fried for that matter. we did however enjoy some cotton candy and frozen yogurt so we got our fair share of carnival treats.

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Temporala said...

Beautiful photos. :)