Monday, August 30, 2010

10 months

connor is ten months old. he has officially transitioned from adorable sweet baby to the not so adorable difficult baby. i think he must be teething again. he still only has his two bottom teeth, but i think some top teeth are coming in. he has decided he does not like to sleep all night anymore. he stands in his crib and cries every couple of hours just to make sure i don't get any real sleep. ugh. he also likes to be held all day by me and this is just an impossible task with two other demanding children to take care of. he is still cute though. i just hope this phase passes quickly.

he weighs 18 pounds. he is now now eating some table food and decided that he prefers to feed himself. he loves to eat. what a change from my other two kids who won't eat anything. he still crawls all over the place and likes to stand if there is anything close to pull himself up on to. he is not quite cruising yet but almost. i can't believe he is almost a year old. i better start planning his birthday party.

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