Sunday, March 13, 2011

playing in the park

we had a fun weekend. i took the kids to orange county for a kid's birthday party in the park. we really didn't hang out with the birthday crowd very much. the kids were having too much fun rolling down the grass hills and looking at the ducks in the pond. they did manage to make their way back to the party when cake was served though.

after the party christina went with us to target to buy diapers and other supplies. i think we were there for almost two hours. it was insane. at one point we were just sitting in the patio furniture section relaxing. we were bad and skipped church after the party. i was just exhausted. we went to christina's house for dinner and a sleepover instead. ahh. it was so nice to finally relax.

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jennifer said...

It's crazy how much time you can spend shopping at Target. I spend an hour even when I'm trying to be quick!