Sunday, March 20, 2011

curious george party for bodhi

bodhi had his third birthday party this weekend. jen and ray had the party at our house and i think it turned out so nice. the party was very chill compared to his birthday party last year. jen is super pregnant so she did not get as crazy with all the decorations and stuff. whew! no giant cardboard train to make this year. there were a lot of labels and stickers to make for cups, favor bags, and straw tags but nothing compared to last year.

the theme was curious george. such a cute idea for a party. i liked how all the decorations seemed a little retro. there were bunches of balloons tied to bananas for the centerpieces and they served hot dogs cooked on my dad's hot dog machine. so cool looking. there was also iced tea, lemonade and lots of side dishes like macaroni salad and fruit. the kids had little boxes of raisins and button candy to snack on. for dessert in addition to some delicious mini cupcakes that were purchased they had an ice cream sundae bar. so fun. there were tons of sweets to mix in such as gummy bears and rainbow sprinkles. sugar sugar sugar. the kids were very happy.

the weather was nice so everyone got to chat outside while the kids were drawing on a wall covered with butcher paper and playing on the swing set. it was so sweet. they also made little necklaces from froot loops. so fun. the party was pretty small so i got to chat with everyone. i loved that. later bodhi opened his gifts and he got a ton of toys. all the kids had fun playing with his new loot. what a great party. happy birthday bodhi.

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