Sunday, September 25, 2011

vroom vroom

today we went to a super fun party. mason's friend andrew was turning six and we were excited to help him celebrate. his parents had a car's theme party for him. they turned the backyard into a mini radiator springs just like the movie. it was so cute. they had set up a fun obstacle course for the kids to race through. all the kids were given a t-shirt with their name printed on a car and a license plate to wear on their back. they had to crawl through tubes and run through tires. it was very fun.

the food was all labeled with cute cars related names such as hot rods (hot dogs), dip sticks (bread sticks), and drinks such as lemon oil, apple oil, and radiator water. everything was part of the theme. dahlia and connor had so much fun riding the little cars outside and mason was pretty much glued to andrew's side the whole time. such a fun day for all the kids.

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