Saturday, September 3, 2011

the carousel

yesterday we had one of my best disney trips ever. i picked up mason from school and met jen, ray, bodhi, and kira there. it was not very busy and we ended up getting on nine rides. yes! nine rides. that is really a lot for us. i have been to disney and only gone on three rides so nine is pretty much amazing. the kids loved the bumper cars at disney adventure and i even got mason to go on the carousel in fantasy land. he usually says he doesn't like it. i think ray convinced him to go. he was also super excited to go on the pirates of the caribbean ride. a ride that bodhi and dahlia think is too scary.

i was bad and spoiled the kids. i bought mason an indiana jones gun from adventure land and dahlia a princess hat from fantasy land. poor connor didn't get anything because he is too young to make requests for things. i figure i will abstain from buying him things while i can get away with it. we stayed super late. i loved to get to stay late. yesterday was friday so i figured it was the day to do it.

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