Sunday, March 4, 2012

a camping we will go

miles will be working saturday and sundays for a while to finish his movie so it was just me and the kids this weekend. i decided to set up the small tent in the backyard so they could play camping. they loved this idea. they had so much fun helping me put up the tent. when we had everything ready they ran inside to grab necessities for their camping adventure. dahlia came running out of the house with three pairs of shoes. sandals, rain boots, and a cute pair of mary janes. clearly this is a girl who knows what necessities are . mason grabbed lots of paper, crayons and a stapler so he could make a journal, and connor carried with him a car, binoculars, and three toy dinosaurs. being mom i had to ask "what about some blankets and pillows?" "oh yeah" they cried and ran inside to grab blankets and pillows from their bed.

of course nobody slept outside. as soon as it got dark i dragged the tent inside so they could play in the living room. somehow they all ended up in my bed when it was actually time to go to sleep though. we still had a fun camping day even if we forgot to make smores.

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