Monday, April 9, 2012

easter sunday

we had such a nice easter this year. our day started a little hectic because we woke up super late. we had to be at church in orange county by 9:30 (a 45 minute drive) and we got up at 8:10. yikes. we had 35 minutes to get all the kids up and dressed in their easter clothes. i was literally running around the house. we made it there only five minutes late so i was pretty happy about that. church was much better this year and we made it almost to the end before miles had to take the kids outside. they were just getting too restless. it was a long service.

after church there was a small egg hunt and then we went to christina's house for brunch. this was very laid back. nice and relaxing. after brunch my sister gave the adults a bag of plastic eggs to hide. over 175 eggs! what??? i don't know what she was thinking filling up so many eggs. there were only five kids looking for them. crazy girl. of course the kids had a blast finding the eggs.

when we got home i thought the kids would want to relax and play with their easter basket stuff. instead they were begging us to paint more eggs. i don't know where they get their energy from. maybe it has something to do with that chocolate bunny they ate.

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