Monday, April 16, 2012

butterfly party for kira

what a busy weekend we had. my little niece kira turned one on saturday. jen and ray had a beautiful party at our house to celebrate. they had a butterfly theme which was very appropriate for a spring birthday. she was so cute with her little shirt with butterfly wings on it.

i was up crazy late the night before sewing a birthday banner for her. i really must stop procrastinating. i did get it done though and it looks adorable. we hung it next to these paper lanterns that jen had glued butterflies to and the effect was so pretty. a little butterfly garden.

we were worried that it was going to rain but the day turned out sunny. the kids had a great time decorating little terra cotta pots with stickers and then filling them with flowers. miles also brought out the spin art machine so the kids could make some paintings. this was a big hit with connor. he could not get enough of this.

we served sandwiches and salads for lunch. for dessert there was strawberry shortcake and cupcakes. the cupcakes were topped with edible rice paper butterflies. so cute. my sister susan also made these really pretty sugar cookies shaped like butterflies, flowers, and frogs.

the party was very sweet and fun. just like kira. happy birthday little girl. we all love you.

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