Friday, November 23, 2012

happy thanksgiving

we hosted thanksgiving this year. it has been quite a while since we have had it at our house. i was worried i would forget something. with all the parties we have had the last couple of months i didn't have my usual time to prepare. i usually start a month ahead of time but this time i only had a week to get everything done.

everything was great. miles and i didn't cook as many of the dishes we usually do. we only had to cook the turkey, green beans, cranberry sauce, mushroom gravy, regular gravy, and put out shrimp cocktail for appetizers. we also made a spiced cranberry syrup for a champagne cocktail. everything else was delegated to my family. it was so nice to not have to make the stuffing and mashed potatoes. i got a 23 pound fresh turkey from whole foods and brined it starting wednesday morning. everyone said it was so moist and delicious. next year i think i need to get it in the oven sooner. we put it in at 11:30 and it was one of the last things done at 3:00. we ended up eating around 3:30.

for thanksgiving i like to make one long table for the adults and then set up the kids tables next to it. i like the look of the one big table. it looks so elegant. we had thirteen adults and six kids. for my center pieces i found these adorable and delicious crab apples that i arranged in a shallow bowls. i also did a traditional arrangement of while roses for the middle of the table. i used my brown linen runners and had little brown candle holders filled with battery powered tea lights. i love the new battery powered candles. i can safely have candles around the little kids. i even bought a large set that came with a remote control. it is so cool.

i loved having everyone over for thanksgiving. it is such a nice holiday. a whole day to focus on everything we are grateful for. there is so much. things have been really good for us lately and i am feeling super blessed.

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