Monday, November 19, 2012

mermaid party

dahlia wanted an ariel party for her fifth birthday this year. i went with more of a mermaid under the sea theme. i had so much fun looking for ideas for this party. i love throwing a girl party because everything gets to be cute.

decorating for the party was so much fun. i wanted the dining room to look like we are under water so i bought some tulle and draped it from the edge of the ceiling to the center chandelier. the tulle was in two different shades of blue and was supposed to be similar to the god ray effect of sun shining through water. i thought it turned out so beautiful. it will be a shame to take it down in three days before thanksgiving. i also hung small iridescent glass bulbs from the chandelier to look like bubbles in the water. for center pieces i used sea shells and balloons tied to an ariel paper weight.

we served sandwiches from corner bakery. they were delicious. we had a nice selection of salads including potato, pasta, and green salad. we also had our usual veggies and dip and a cheese and grape plate. all the food looked so pretty and tasted so good.

for dessert my sister jen made this amazing cake that looked like a sand castle. the cake was covered with crushed graham crackers and chocolate sea shells. she even made the chocolate shells herself. it was quite stunning and we displayed it as a centerpiece throughout the party. we also had some beautiful cookies that my other sister susan made and some jello in clear cups with a gummy fish in the center.

we rented a bounce house for the kids and also had a fun craft where they could make jellyfish out of paper bowls and ribbon or decorate cardboard fish with glitter glue and paint. they were so cute. for favors dahlia and i decorated white bags with sea inspired stamps and filled them with golfish crackers, a wooden fish craft, stickers, bubbles, and some swedish fish.

dahlia had so much fun at her party. it was a great day. happy birthday to my little doll.

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