Saturday, January 11, 2014

adventure time party

i took mason to his friend's birthday party today. they did an adventure time theme. it was really fun. they started the party with a scavenger hunt that took the kids around the house to find little hidden treasures.

after the scavenger hunt a science guy came and showed off some experiments for them . the kids all loved the science guy. he was pretty funny. the dry ice at the end was a big hit. after his show he spun cotton candy for everyone. what a treat.

archer's mom made the funniest birthday cake. the inside was all layered with different colors and sizes of cake that were all pasted together with frosting. his dad came out dressed as the ice king and brought a pinata. everyone got to take a swing at it. it was a very fun party even for the adults. i love backyard parties. the vibe is always so relaxed.

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