Saturday, January 25, 2014

pet owners

the kids have been begging miles and i for a puppy since christmas. they really want to get a dog. i would love to get a dog but it is not going to happen. we don't have an enclosed backyard and there are lots of coyotes that run around here. this really isn't a good neighborhood for an outdoor pet, so we compromised and got a fish tank.

we went out to the local fish store and picked out a very modern looking tank last week. the kids were so funny and the boys each picked out a castle and dahlia picked out a mermaid. we also got some fake plants and chose black for the gravel at the bottom. it looks really pretty. we had to wait a week for the fish tank to be ready for fish and the water levels to all be right. who knew getting a fish tank was this complicated?

finally today it was ready for some fish. they all wanted a different type of fish but the fish guy said to start out with just one type. we came home with two red swords. that was connor's pick. they said we could introduce a new type of fish after one week. so next week we will get some more. dahlia wants neon tetras and mason picked platies.

we are officially pet owners. we are all so excited. i love fish. we had a fish tank when i was a kid and it was really fun to watch them. we set up the tank in dahlia's room. it looks great. everyone crowded around to watch the fish in their new home.

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