Saturday, February 8, 2014

kitty party

after miles and connor came home from preschool we went to a friend's birthday party. katja turned six and had a kitty themed party. everyone got a headband with little cat ears and they could have their face painted with whiskers and a pink nose. they all did a scavenger hunt with cleverly written clues that led to a basket filled with stuffed kittens. all the kids could pick out their favorite color and adopt it. they then went to a craft table where they made a custom collar with their kitten's name on it. the whole thing was just too cute. dahlia named her cat fluffy, connor named his kitten, and mason named his mr. cute.

the boys were pretty uninterested in most of this. they went upstairs and played legos with katja's brother. dahlia loved all of it though. especially the craft part. they all enjoyed playing with their new stuffed kittens when we got home. it was a fun day.

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